Android Tutorial for Beginners

android tutorial

Android Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Android programming to make apps for your android device and make money by selling apps or publishing them in Google PlayStore. To start learning Android programming, you are recommended to have a basic knowledge of Java Programming. If you don’t know about Java programming, you may watch free Java Tutorial – Free Basic Java Programming Video Tutorials for Beginners. Without basic knowledge of Java Programming, you will not be able to learn Android Programming.

These android tutorials will help you in developing better understanding of android programming. You will learn to develop your own apps. You will learn how to install and configure Android Studio SDK. You will learn introduction of Android Studio and install it on your PC. You will learn Activity Cycle in Android. You will learn debugging your Android application. You will learn to create unsigned and signed Android apk for testing your application or publishing it in market. Intents are objects of android.content.intent. The code send it to android system defining the component you are targeting. You will learn about intents, types of intents, explicit intent, implicit intent and much more. You will learn about Vector assets. A fragment is a part of an activity. You can create multiple fragments in a single activity. In android tutorial for fragment, you will learn what are fragments and how to use android fragments. These android tutorials contains the following lectures.

  1. Introduction to Android
  2. Installing Android Studio
  3. Introduction to Android Studio
  4. Android Activity Lifecycle
  5. Android ID Application – an Android project
  6. Challenge Cricket Chirps
  7. Challenge Solution Cricket Chirps
  8. Debugging your application in android
  9. Creating a signed APK file in android studio
  10. Introduction to Intents in Android
  11. Explicit Intents in Android
  12. Implicit Intents in Android
  13. Vector Assets in Android
  14. Challenge Intents Android
  15. Solution to Intents Challenge
  16. Introduction to Fragments in Android
  17. RecyclerView and CardView in Android
  18. Fragments with RecyclerView in Android
  19. Challenge Fragments with RecyclerView in Android
  20. Solution to Fragments with RecyclerView
  21. Floating hint and autocomplete TextView in Android
  22. How to create a custom ListView in android
  23. ActionBar in Android
  24. Saving user preferences in Android
  25. Save data using text files in Android
  26. Making use of the AsyncTask class in Android
  27. How to save data in SQLite Android
  28. Permissions in Android
  29. Read Data from a RSS Feed in Android
  30. How to send SMS using SMSManager class in Android
  31. Android Service – Music Streaming
  32. Introduction to Android App Widgets
  33. Advanced App Widget display data from RSS
  34. Introduction to Backendless MBAAS
  35. Setting up app for backendless SDK
  36. Creating the Contacts Application in Android
  37. How to create Login and Register Activity in Android
  38. Register a new User in Backendless Android
  39. How to login a user and password reset in android
  40. How to keep user logged in to your app – Login sessions in android


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