Add a user in Fedora / CentOS and assign root rights?

add user in centos

How to add a user in Fedora / CentOS and assign root rights? This is really important to give access rights to users.

Let’s start learning how to add a user in Fedora / CentOS and assign root rights. When you install any OS on your server, you will be assigned root access to that server. Root will have privileges to execute any command which can cause severe issues with your server in the worst case. Sometimes a command that has been executed accidentally can disrupt the working of the server. To avoid this, first of all, add a user account to limit access of commands. If you want to allow the user to execute administrator commands, you must add it to ‘wheel’ group.

In CentOS 6, wheel group has been disabled for sudo access by default. To add sudo rights, you have to navigate to


Then find # %wheel, remove ‘#‘ to uncomment this line.

To start typing, press a and to save or exit press Escape, then type :w, then enter, then :q, then press enter.

useradd example_username && passwd example_pass
usermod -aG wheel example_username


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